Summer Schools

The few months of Summer holiday where the restraints of schooling are unchained is hardly time to waste away. Instead, it is the perfect opportunity to find and join the perfect summer program where you don’t just do what you love and have fun, but build international friendships, and grow and become a better individual. Summer school is a great opportunity for students to experience learning at world-renowned academic institutions; it strengthens students’ competitive edge and widens their international horizons.

Why Summer Schools?


Develop Invaluable Skills for Personal Growth

With all the new people you will meet and work with, the tasks to complete, and the objectives to achieve, summer program environments are ideal in helping you develop invaluable life skills such as effective communication, organization, independence and teamwork.

Foster a Global Perspective

Summer programs are a chance to meet and make friends with people from diverse backgrounds. Classes are characterized by small interactive groups where students exchange ideas and opinions to learn from each other. More than that, summer programs are often a fun balance of work and play. Outside of classes, you get to explore new places, discover local customs and try exciting activities.

Discover yourself

Attending a summer program helps you realise your interests and passions but also what you dislike because it gives you opportunities to try activities and make decisions. In doing so you become more familiar with yourself, helping you celebrate your traits, improve on your weaknesses and grow as an individual. Knowing yourself also matters before you make further schooling decisions, and no research, article, and hearsay can compare to the opportunity to experience first-hand.

Make Your Application Shine

The skills and knowledge that students pick up at summer programs are great for boosting applications, be it in your personal statement or in more generally enhancing your knowledge towards specific topics. Summer school teachers are also happy to provide recommendations and evaluations too.

Different Types of Summer Programs

Academic and Language Programs

Cultivating interests. Improving performance. There are so many reasons why you would join an academic program. You might be really passionate about a subject, you might be keen to explore a new subject, or you might be hoping to catch up on a subject before the new school year. There are also specific English programs for you to practice your English skills and to give you the chance to speak to people from around the world in English. No matter what reason, academic summer programs are ideal for keeping you engaged with your studies. There is a wide selection of available subjects, ranging from ones commonly found in school curricula to those that give you a taster of university majors. However, studying is only a part of many of these programs. Afternoons are often filled with a variety of outdoor activities for you to enjoy.

Community Service Programs

Hard Work? Yes. Rewarding? Without a doubt. Community service programs are a great opportunity to contribute to meaningful volunteering projects that have real, positive impacts on those who live less fortunate lives. A wide range of responsibilities are available, ranging from keeping elderly home residents company to helping with construction and repair in local communities. Community service is often labor-intensive, but its ability to bridge you with very different people develops your awareness of the world and improves your communication skills. It shows that you are a helpful and contributive member of society, is a fantastic addition to your portfolio, and most of all, it is a truly rewarding, eye-opening experience that you will cherish throughout your life.

Outdoor Adventure and Sports Programs

Be outside. Be active. Perform. If you think that the summer break is the perfect opportunity to play outside, then you cannot go wrong by attending an adventure and sports program. Adventure programs are for those that love camping under the stars and getting close to nature and all that it has to offer. Living it rough with experienced camp guides is a great way to enjoy physical activities such as hiking and kayaking, but also a great way to learn important life skills such as being responsible and working as a team. Alternatively, there is also a great range of training camps for a variety of sports if you are into a sport or want to try something new.  You are guaranteed to have an exercise-packed summer while  picking up new skills too. If sports alone is too much for you, academic programs often have a variety of sports and other outdoor activities for you to get involved with in the afternoons.

Performing and Visual Arts Programs

Practice makes perfect. Are you the next breakthrough artist, musician, or actor? Perhaps you’re handy with a paintbrush, or you enjoy spending hours playing your favorite musical instrument. Maybe you’re a future star on the theatre and dance stage, or your click of the camera shutter captures breathtaking photographs. Joining a performing and visual arts program that suits your interest gives you the time to intensively do what you love or try what you’ve always wanted to try, with other people that share your interests. You will be busy learning from talented artists while often putting your effort into creating your masterpiece or preparing for a big show. Throughout your journey, you will become more confident in yourself, and become that much more of an expert in what you are passionate about.

Leadership Programs

“Leadership and learning are indispensable of each other” (John F. Kennedy) While all summer programs help develop various important life skills, some camps are designed with the specific aim to help equip you with experiences that will help you become a better leader. Leadership camps give you opportunities to take charge of planning and running certain activities. They stress the importance of good organization and communication skills, teamwork, independence and other important traits that capable leaders should possess. Such experiences help you grow as a more capable, respectable individual, and also helps to present you as suitable candidates for various leadership positions in the future.