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Is a Liberal Arts College a Good Fit for Me?

‘Ask The Professor Series’ by Dan Sarofian-Butin

1 Nov 2019
Don’t Start Your University Application in Grade 11, try AEP in Grade 9

As the college application process becomes more selective each year, students and parents are facing more stress to be competitive. As university admissions become increasingly competitive, it seems as if it has become too late to start the application process in Grade 11. The best way to be well prepared is then to plan early. …

13 Jul 2018
What’s the appropriate age to send your child abroad?

For families that have already decided on sending their kids to study abroad in the future, they often wonder when their child should leave home. On one hand, it’s emotionally difficult to be separated from your child at such a young age, and on the other hand, you want them to receive the best education….

26 May 2018
What are the major differences between high school in the UK, the US, Canada, and Switzerland? And how to find the best fit?

During this interview, Ms. Rae, the Associate Director from Foundation, will have a detailed introduction of high schools in different regions to help families find out where their children should study abroad. As of now, there are plenty of top boarding schools in the US, the UK, Switzerland, Canada, and the Middle East. This interview…

24 May 2018
Will applicants from public school have an advantage after all due to the low acceptance rate for US high schools?

When it comes to high school application process in the States, the consensus is that students from private schools and international schools have an advantage over public school students. However, is it actually accurate? Based on the most recent data in 2018, Ms. Rae will share with us some insights on the comparison between students…

21 May 2018
How Daniel Crafted His Children’s Individualized Education Strategy

As the founder of Foundation, Daniel and his team have helped thousands of students get into their dream schools overseas. In this video, Daniel shared how he designed a specialized education route for each one of his three kids. If you have questions about how to plan your child’s education path, you may find inspiration…

19 Dec 2017
Facebook Live Interview with Little Steps

Thank you Little Steps for having us on the Facebook live interview. It has been wonderful chatting with Shea. We hope Daniel’s sharing on boarding school education would help families that are considering this option.

18 Sep 2017
UK Vs US Boarding Schools?

Linda, a graduate from Headington (an girls’ boarding school in the UK) and Sarah from Hill (a co-ed boarding school in the US) have shared with us their boarding school life in the video.

23 Aug 2017
Mastering Form and Function in English

Our English program emphasizes a disciplined and progressively challenging approach to the mechanics of language, the development of intellectual independence, and the sheer enjoyment of language. In teaching language and literature, our primary goals are to develop greater effectiveness in communication, to encourage clear and logical thought, and to promote a greater awareness of human values.

26 Jul 2017