Services for Gifted / Learning Differences (LD) Students

We aware that Gifted students and students with Learning Differences (LD) obtain knowledge differently compared to their peers. These students are like diamonds, which are unique and precious, and some may not have reached their full potential yet. The polishing process of diamonds must be undertaken by a professional with expert knowledge. At Foundation, our in-house specialists, ranging from the field of psychology, counselling, arts & design and sports, are dedicated to help Gifted and LD students obtain their full potential.

Our Service

Professional consultation services in school selection

Foundation understands Gifted and LD students’ unique educational needs. Therefore, our consultation services are customized for every student and family. We value our professional contribution and responsibilities and duties as a member of the Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA) and we are dedicated to help students find their school of best fit. Our extensive connections with International SchoolsBoarding SchoolsUniversities & Colleges would facilitate students and families to find their school of best-fit in different learning stages.

Specialized and student-oriented training programmes delivered by in-house specialists

Gifted & LD students are precious and unique. To have a better understanding of their potential, our in-house specialists will conduct an initial assessment and engage in in-depth profile analysis with students. By considering all the factors, including academic achievements, interests, personality, family background and upbringing, a personalized training program will be developed, which facilitates the attainment of students’ optimal potential throughout the application process.

Extensive support throughout application Foundation is dedicated to taking away the frustration and anxiety of applications not only by offering application guidance, but also rendering comprehensive post-application support and services. We will liaise with school admission officers constantly throughout the application process. On the other hand, our counselors will continue to have regular meetings with students and families and report on the latest application status. In addition, our in-house specialists may recommend specific Summer Schools to Gifted and LD students, to enable students and families to make their best choice in optimizing the summer holidays coming ahead. FAQ: What is Giftedness and Learning Differences?