Accelerating Athletes Program


The primary aim of Accelerating Athletes is to supercharge athletic students to strengthen their university application by showcasing their passion, talent, and dedication to athleticism and thereby help them stand out from the applicant pool.

Foundation Global Education has devised a comprehensive American university preparation and application program: Accelerating Athletes. Specifically designed with promising athletic students in Asia in mind, who are academically strong, but need the advice, guidance and mentoring that only Foundation can provide for US-bound students. SaveSave SaveSave

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Competitive Advantage and Program Overview

To be accepted to the best universities, it is no longer enough to just have good grades. He or she must now also demonstrate strengths beyond academics to prove their well-roundedness and that they can contribute to the university as a whole. This is what Foundation’s competitive sports program exemplifies.

Student athletes coming from secondary schools in Asia are used to a relatively light athletic regimen, limited to twice-weekly physical education classes, perhaps after-school club training, and weekend competitions. This regimen leaves them ill prepared for the rigours of American athletic programs. To ensure collegiate athletic success, we must shrink the gap for an athlete at secondary school-level BEFORE they embark on US university-level sports programs. Our research indicates that universities (in Divisions I, II and III), all consistently have an intensive sports-specific training roster: fitness training 5-times per week, strength and conditioning training, weekly intramural games and inter-college competitions happening in addition to those. When one compares this with secondary schools in Asia: twice-weakly physical education class, after school club training once per week and Saturday morning competitions, it is sure to leave the US-bound athlete wanting. With our team of experts in applications and admissions, together with our partners in personal training, we prepare students not just for the university application process, but also for every obstacle they will encounter on the road ahead. Our aim is to accelerate the development of your athlete and lay the foundation for success. Accelerating Athletes guides you every step of the way, providing athletes with the armour to not only achieve, but also surpass your goals. We are committed to helping student’s build profiles to showcase themselves in the best possible light. We work with students on a one-on-one basis , and our dedicated team of experts will guide you every step of the way in helping to secure admission into your dream university. Our holistic approach to the college application process, combining academic counselling with athletic counselling, including:

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Profile Building and University Pairing

  • Specialised school selection
  • Sports culture Identification and personality pairing
  • Video package to be sent to recruiting coaches
  • CV Writing
    1. Sporting and athletic history
    2. Skills and positioning analysis

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Positioning and Personal Presentation:

  • Interview training – preparing for live interactions with coaches
  • How to make lasting impressions and showcase individual assets
  • Long term relationship management:
    1. Ongoing communication during recruitment period with coaches
    2. Making lasting impressions to fortify the student’s application
    3. Coordinating unofficial and official campus visits and interviews with coach and sports team.

Navigating the NCAA Rules and Regulation, as well as Ongoing Advice

  • Constant contact with your dedicated counsellor before, during and after the showcase and recruitment period.
  • A dedicated counsellor to ensure the student’s mindset, and all aspects of the application process, are in the best condition possible.
  • Navigating the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Process to ensure the application is bullet proof.