iTEP Test Center Services


What is the iTEP?

Launched in 2008 by Boston Education Services, the International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) provides students with a certificate in English language competency,  giving students the confidence to enrol in US high schools and universities. ITEP is recognised by over 650 colleges and universities worldwide with 274 high schools and 375 universities in the United States that accept international applicants with ITEP test scores as an alternative to IETS and TOEFL.


Examination Content

iTEP includes Education Applications, Business Applications and Slate sections, and is an online test for English grammar, listening, reading, writing and oral speaking skills. Upon completion, the applicant will receive the iTEP Certificate and iTEP Official Score Report from  Boston Education Services.


Examination results

Results from the test are normally revealed on the same day or within five business days. The reading, listening and grammar sections are automatically graded online, and the candidate will receive an index score and a corresponding grade from 0 to 6. The remaining writing and speaking sections are evaluated by native English-speaking, ESL-trained professionals, according to a standardised scoring rubric. The official score report contains a chart layout of all five areas, presenting an individual’s scoring information based on their skill profile, which is useful for highlighting their strengths and areas which have room for improvement.


Why choose iTEP?

Compared to other English proficiency tests such as TOFEL and IELTS, student are more likely to score higher in iTEP. The final score is easy to understand, which allows candidates to have a better grasp of their strengths and weaknesses. Not only is the iTEP affordable, but the test can also be taken online and scheduled to fit the needs of the candidate. iTEP has  set a new standard in efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility.


iTEP Test Center Services

ITEP currently has approximately 640 examination sites in 49 countries around the world. Foundation Global Education is one of the few certified test sites in Hong Kong. Students can simply make an appointment three days in advance with Foundation to take the test. If you would like more information about ITEP, or interested to take the test, please contact us!