Raymond Zulueta

Education Counselor

Ray grew up in Northern California – the Bay Area. He holds a bachelor’s degree in both Business Economics and Philosophy from the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB). After UCSB, Ray pursued a law degree and graduated from American University College of Law in Washington-DC, where he has written research papers on topics like the World Trade Organization, Human Rights Policy and Intellectual Property Rights. Upon graduation, Ray explored opportunities in multiple fields including sales, hospitality, law and education in over 5 different countries.

Ray moved to Beijing over 4 years ago and became a College Counselor specializing in interview preparation, resume writing, college essay brainstorming and editing. He also had extensive experience in TOEFL prep. He has provided professional guidance and helped his applicants receive stellar admissions into top schools such as Princeton, Cornell, Duke, Vanderbilt, UC-Berkeley, UCLA, Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, Oxford, LSE, UCL and many more. 

With his work experience across the globe, Ray also provides sound career advice to help talented students receive internship opportunities and has assisted many university students to successfully apply to highly ranked master’s programs in the United States and Europe. Ray is extremely passionate about education and mentoring students to fulfill their academic pursuits and to find the right career path.