Rae Kuang

Associate Director

Rae Kuang has rich career experience in education consultancy and admissions. She attended University of California, Berkeley where she received her degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. While at UC Berkeley, she began working within the engineering graduate admissions program, which contributed greatly to her becoming an education consultant upon her return to Asia. She hopes to give adequate schooling guidance for Asian families, in order to help expand their horizons with an overseas education. With her leadership role at Foundation, she has developed a team of professional team passionate towards education with the dedication to help develop every student into the best candidate for their dream school. Her 10 years of experience in the industry has brought Rae to visit over 200 campuses across the US, UK, and Switzerland. With her comprehensive understanding of Western education systems and boarding schools, she promises personalised guidance for every student in order to help them reach new heights in their schooling career.