Priscilla Liu

Education Counselor

Born and raised in Shanghai, Priscilla received her MBA degree from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Before settling down in Hong Kong, she had working experience in Shanghai and Tokyo in world-class airline and auction house. Priscilla cultivated a sense of keen insight on various culture through interacting with different cities and industries.

It was through her MBA journey that Priscilla realized the great value of counseling, coaching as well as training. Through the exploration at one of the top MBA programs in the world and brainstorm with professionals from diverse backgrounds, she understands that holistic preparation is the key for success, if this concept could be brought to education planning, students should have much higher possibility to achieve their goals. Eventually Priscilla decides to switch her career path to education world as a boarding school counselor, she is committed to use the professional consulting methodology to help students create their future.