Joyce Chu

Education Counselor

Raised in both Canada and Hong Kong, Joyce was immersed in a variety of cultures and education systems internationally since she was a child. During her formative years, she studied at Sha Tin College, an ESF international school in Hong Kong. Following her family’s footsteps, she graduated from Ridley College, a top boarding school in Canada. For university, she studied International Hospitality Management at Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland, where she was a student ambassador and campus peer counselor. During this period, she developed an interest in counseling and served on the admissions team. Since graduation, Joyce has worked in a variety of industries, living in Tokyo and Shanghai, until settling in the education industry, where she was previously the Greater China Regional Manager, a senior member of the marketing and admissions team for a hotel school in Switzerland. Based on her personal and professional experience, Joyce realized the best schools did not necessarily mean the best fit for everyone and she hopes to help students find their best fit school, where they can thrive and develop to their full potential.