Geoffrey Kyi

Senior Education Counselor

Geoffrey was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from Brown University with a degree in Psychology, he served for two years as Teaching Fellow with Teach For China in Guangdong, helping further the organisation’s vision of increasing access to quality education for every child, regardless of place of birth or family circumstance.

Post-fellowship, Geoffrey has committed 8+ years to facilitating academic and personal growth in admissions consulting, personally partnering with over 100 families across Greater China and the Asia Pacific region as a whole. He abides by the principles that individualized mentorship transforms student lives and that process goals ultimately drive outcome goals.

Geoffrey’s students have earned admission to institutions, including Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, Cornell University, University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California, Berkeley, Boston College, Claremont McKenna College, the Cooper Union, Duke University, Emory University, Georgetown University, UCLA, Northwestern University, New York University, University of Southern California and Pomona College.