Andrew McComas

Head of Student Training

Andy first came to China while attending a summer program organized by his Alma Mater, Choate Rosemary Hall. Inspired to experience more authentic Chinese life and culture, he then completed an intensive language-study program at the Harbin Institute of Technology.
Andy’s first experience teaching Chinese students came when he received a grant to teach migrant children in Nanjing. While challenging and often frustrating, he believes it was this experience that eventually lead him to study Chinese and to become a professional educator. While studying both East Asian Studies and Economics at Haverford College, Andy also completed two graduate-level courses at The University of Pennsylvania and The Wharton School of Business.
Upon graduation, Andy became an Interviewer and SEE Rater for Vericant in Beijing. During his time at Vericant, Andy interviewed hundreds of Chinese students, all hoping to attend boarding school or college in the United States. He noticed that many of these students, while eager to learn and experience a Western education, were not well-equipped for this experience.
That is why Andy now works as a coach and mentor to young Chinese students. He knows what it takes to enter and succeed at a top school and is dedicated to preparing his students for this exciting journey.