Emily Song

Education Counselor

Being raised in Shanghai, Emily started her career in educational consulting right after she graduated from college. 10 years or working experience in education, has cultivated a high standard in work to achieve excellence. She has won the golden award for education consultants provided by the Ministry of Education Study Sbroad Service Center.

Emily has helped over 1000 students to prepare and apply for US universities and some of her successful cases include: University of Chicago, Cornell University, Columbia University, Northwestern University, Middlebury College and much more. As an expert in US University application, Emily not only organized a set of strategies, but also been interviewed by multiple media such as Southern Metropolis Weekly Education Column, Eastday online, Tencent. Emily has twice been invited to serve as judge for the No.1 Best Study Abroad Consultant Team Competition.

She has always been passionate about finding the fit education path for students and families. Emily hope to continue her career in educational consulting dedicated to exploit student’s potentials, help them to step into the doors to top school and create a future of their own!