Sanli and Foundation Announce Collaboration to bring Test Prep and Admission Counseling to New Level

Sanli Education (“Sanli”) and Foundation Global Education (“Foundation”), distinguished leaders in the education industry in Hong Kong, are pleased to announce collaboration to offer comprehensive education services for students pursuing elite overseas education, from standardized test preparation to admission counseling.

The Hong Kong based collaboration will operate under the name of Sanlifoundation. Sanlifoundation combines the expertise of both Sanli and Foundation in test prep training and admission counseling, and aims at providing a range of resources and tailored attention to students, developing their skills upon strong academic foundation.

Great Curriculum Matters – The Most Effective SSAT Prep Course In Town

Sanli and Foundation, both leading SSAT training providers in Hong Kong, have thorough understanding of the local market and know what difficulties students are facing while preparing for the SSAT.

Sanli, known for its strength in helping its students to achieve nearly perfect scores, is committed to provide customized classes tailored to students’ strengths and weaknesses. Over the years, Foundation provides advanced SSAT online diagnostic and reporting system on top of comprehensive curriculum for students, in order to equip them with fundamental skills and test-taking strategies through drills and intensive practice. Over 500+ students have improved their SSAT performance after trainings and have a much better understanding on what to expect on the spot. Courses are designed by the best educators in the industry, and are constantly updated to reflect the latest test trends.

With the strong forces coming together, students are expected to benefit even more from the most comprehensive curriculum, hence making a significant step closer to their dream school.

Track Record of Successful University Admissions

Drawing on more than a decade of experience from different university admissions directors across America, Foundation thoroughly understand the admissions process and the importance of starting early. Foundation’s education planning program is comprehensive and built on students’ interests as well as pinpointing areas fit for exploration.

Foundation guides students through various stages in the admission counseling process. From profile analysis and application strategy, academic advisory, portfolio building, school and major selection, to personal statement and essay guidance, interview training and campus visit. Throughout the years, Foundation have guided hundreds of students to gain admission into their choice of universities, realizing their Ivy League dreams.

“The establishment of Sanlifoundation is a remarkable milestone for us. By joining our forces together, we are confident in bringing the best standardized test preparation in town for our students, who are on their road to pursue excellent education overseas,” said Mr. Daniel Szeto, Founder and Director of Foundation. “With our all inclusive SSAT prep course, parents can rest assured that their children are in good hands.”

“SSAT is a difficult hurdle to tackle for a lot of students preparing for overseas education. Our team of education experts are here to enable students overcome the SSAT challenge,” Mr. Kelvin Gao, Founder of Sanli commented. “Our joint team of teachers come with great passion. They are strong at polishing the students’ strengths, as well as identifying the weaknesses of students and areas they need to improve in order to score high. Our global team is definitely one of our most notable strengths. ”

SSAT training and university counseling services will be provided by Sanlifoundation at their Causeway Bay and Central centers. The collaboration will also offer a diverse range of personalized packages and support for students to address their individual and unique needs for an ambitious future.