In 2001, Foundation was established by Mr. Daniel Sze with a mission to change the future of our younger generation.

Daniel has always been a great believer in overseas education. He started studying abroad in the US at the age of 14. He began his academic journey at The Webb Schools, a boarding school in California and graduated from Cornell University with a Master’s Degree in Engineering. He eventually took on a prestigious career path, flying high in world-renowned financial companies for the next decade by applying his exceptional knowledge. However, his priorities changed once he became a parent, a father of 3.

“Every child is unique. There is not one absolute strategy which can apply to every child.”

Parenthood is often described as a ‘gamble’ when it comes to determining the future of our children. While there is no room for regrets, Daniel believes it is about how we customise our own ways to nurture the youth, finding them the ‘best fit’, and highlighting their individual talents to stand-out and shine in a crowd.

Daniel grew up in a diverse environment during his early years in Southern California. Since becoming a father, Daniel observed the limitation in the monotonic framework of the local education system, which largely hinders the opportunities for children to unleash their hidden potential.

“My study abroad experience has opened the door to explore the world and values that cannot be obtained from books. The way in which it developed my abilities in independent thinking, leadership, and creativity is priceless.”

With powerful personal experiences and a keen eye for emerging trends in the education industry, Daniel soon developed into one of the leading pioneers in overseas education.

Over the past 20 years, Daniel visited over 500 schools across the globe and helped more than 1000 students along their academic journey. He never misses a chance to meet and chat with admission officers to understand the types of candidates that are in high demand. Daniel’s mission is simple: perform the work which is necessary for each student to reach his or her dream school.

Today, alongside an elite team highly recognised with enthusiasm, determination, and passion, Foundation welcomes you aboard to create a bright future for your child.