Hong Kong
Lunch Seminar: Latest Admission Trends of Top Boarding Schools and Essential Techniques of Mastering Applications
29 Aug 2017

Hong Kong’s education system is undeniably competitive compared to its surrounding regions, however, many schools only put effort into ensuring their students’ strong academic performance, often overlooking the importance of the students’ emotional and physical well being. While students’ intellectual enquiry is well taken care of, their creativity is usually forgone. In view of this, many parents look for pathways that best provide a holistic education for their children. The latest trend is to send their children to overseas boarding schools as they inspire a love for learning while providing comprehensive university counseling. They also offer the boarding experience that cannot be replicated here in Hong Kong.

In this seminar, Daniel Szeto will discuss why boarding schools have become increasingly popular among Hong Kong parents. He will also explain why they are chosen over top local and international schools in the pathway towards higher education abroad, and explore the facilities, curricula, and matriculation of these schools. In addition, he will explain why boarding schools in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Switzerland boast a long tradition of education excellence, and why they are among the top ranking educational establishments in the world. Last but not least, Daniel will briefly discuss the techniques of mastering the applications to the most sought-after boarding schools.

Event: Latest Admission Trends of Top Boarding Schools and Essential Techniques of Mastering Applications

Date: Tue, August 29, 2017

Time: 12:30 PM – 02:00 PM

Speaker: Daniel Szeto, Founder & Director, Foundation Global Education

About the speaker

Since founding Foundation in 2001, Daniel Szeto has been directing the organisation’s admissions efforts to over 1,000 top schools in 20+ countries and has been orchestrating 400- 500 school visits in North America and Europe each year, speaking to teachers, parents, and students. Over the last 16 years, Daniel has provided support and guidance to over 1,000 students and their families to help guide them on the educational paths that best suit the unique qualities of every student.

Born in Hong Kong, Daniel was educated at The Webb Schools, an independent boarding school in California, before completing his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering at Cornell. Daniel returned to Asia and spent 10 years working on strategy formulation, business development, and operations management work in management consulting and financial services before realising his calling in education. When starting his own family, he dreamed of a place that he could go where a team would guide his children every step of the way on their path to a bright and successful future.

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