Expert Sharing

The Case for Time Management

Planning ahead requires self-direction and self-discipline. Planning is something you must learn to do for yourself. To plan your time effectively, you must be conscientious and responsible. To follow your plan takes willpower. But the rewards for planning are enormous.

9 Dec 2016
Writing a College Recommendation

College admissions officers love anecdotes and a teacher’s characterization and representation of a student’s salient academic abilities: “He writes elegant, succinct analytical papers” or “He manages to ask searching questions every day that stump the class and keep us arguing through lunch.”

1 Nov 2016
The Power of Language

Teachers have tremendous power (and an awesome responsibility)––to instill confidence, to set directions, to teach perspective, and to share intellectual passions. The best teaching and learning often comes at unexpected moments. Our best experiences as learners should continually inform us as teachers.

11 Oct 2016