Sheryl Chen

Education Counselor

Sheryl Chen graduated from the Teachers College Columbia University with a MA degree in Bilingual/Bicultural Education. She studied at the School of History in Renmin University of China and exchanged at Yale University. Sheryl has served as a consultant at leading educational consultancies at home and abroad. She has extensive international education consulting and mentoring experience, inspiring and coaching students to for example the University of Chicago, University of Michigan,Ann Arbor and UC Berkeley. Ms. Sheryl adheres to the teaching of John Dewey: “Education is the cornerstone of social progress and change.” It has developed into actively teaching courses like English Writing, TOEFL, SAT in both public schools and private international schools, as well as online teaching platforms. She has accumulated more than 2,000 hours of tutoring, and has rich teaching experience in curriculum design and in-class and off-class activities. Sheryl is passionate about reading, actively exploring a multi-thinking model, and is good at getting along with students of different talents and becoming inspirations and companions for children.