Nathalie Fok

Education Counselor

Nathalie was born in Florida, USA, and raised in Hong Kong due to her family’s business. Growing up, she attended an IB international school which provided her a platform to be involved, inquisitive, and well-rounded. Nathalie participated in musical performances, speech competitions, Chinese and English debate teams, and other language and art-related activities. Throughout middle and high school, Nathalie was also engaged in various community service programs, such as organizing in-school events for younger students and planning summer classes for young children from underprivileged families in a local community center.

At the age of 16, Nathalie continued her high school studies in Florida, where she took on honors and AP course work. She majored in Political Science at the University of Florida while achieving two more certificates in International Relations and Public Affairs. As a student leader in both the Student Government Association and the student honor society, Nathalie actively advocated and fought for students’ rights and benefits, which included visiting Tallahassee, the state capital of Florida, to meet with legislators as a part of the large student advocacy group in Florida. Nathalie’s excellence in analytical writing and communication skills are reflected in her college achievements, as well as her professional responsibilities.

Nathalie understands the value and importance of education, so she makes it her goal to see students feel empowered throughout their college application journey and assist them in achieving their academic goals.