Jeremy Steinhaus

Education Counselor

Jeremy has been an educator for more than 20 years. His professional journey has included a decade and a half as a classroom teacher and an additional 7 years as an IT Administrator for Curriculum Development Teams. His students have ranged from preschoolers through adult professionals, and he has taught all levels in between. He has experience working in prestigious private schools, New York City public schools, American charter schools, colleges, training schools, kindergartens; everywhere.

Jeremy’s own educational background is just as rich and wide-ranging. He started schooling at a parochial nursery school before completing his elementary training at a Waldorf School. For middle school he went through the local public school system before completing high school at Loomis Chaffee. Later, Jeremy studied politics at NYU university with an eye towards better understanding the governments of foreign countries as a path towards promoting world peace.

Jeremy enjoys activities that make time fade away. You can find him painting or playing music, traveling and biking. His professional passion is watching the light of understanding turn on in a student’s eyes regardless of whether the topic of study is as dry as grammar or as deep as philosophy.