Jasmine Li

Education Counselor

After earning a Bachelor in Applied Economics from Hong Kong Baptist University, Jasmine went to Swansea University in the UK and obtained her master degree in Management. During her study and work, she had the opportunity to meet various international students, immigrant families and people of different cultural backgrounds. After hearing the foreign employers’ evaluation of overseas students, stories of international students and immigrant families, she started to think more about studying abroad, and realized that it is important for the students to find the best fit so that they can thrive and integrate into the new community. She later returned to China and devoted herself to the overseas education industry. She hopes to use her knowledge and personal experience to offer advice for families that are planning to study abroad. She finds it fulfilling to help students find a suitable school and achieve their dream career in the future. She has helped students get into top US and Canadian boarding schools including Northfileld Mount Hermon, Westminster School, Cambridge School of Weston, Stevenson School, Culver Academies and Upper Canada College.