Cynthia Sun

Education Counselor

Cynthia was born and raised in Beijing, China. She pursued her high school and tertiary education in New Zealand when she was 16. Cynthia hold a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration degree, with a double major in Finance and Human Resources Management. Upon graduation, she returned to Beijing and worked as a Student Counselor at two major international schools for 6 years.  She has helped many of her students find universities that best fit them, including top universities such as University of California, Los Angeles, University of California, San Diego, New York University in USA and University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, and University of Waterloo in Canada. During summer breaks, Cynthia takes her students to North America for campus visits.

With this, students get the chance to speak to admission officers in person, which is beneficial for their university applications. Cynthia is passionate about education and she wishes to provide the most professional advice and guidance to her students. She believes that every student should be treated in a personalized way as they are all unique.  Cynthia trusts that any student can be admitted to the school of his or her choice through a counselor’s professional guidance.