Your Destination

The process of applying to schools can be time consuming and overwhelming. We are dedicated to taking away the frustration and anxiety of applications by giving you a comprehensive, step by step guide to the process – no matter where you are – or where your dream school is – in the world.

The Foundation Difference

Best Fit

The choice of school should not rest solely on name and ranking, but on how likely the student can thrive and succeed there. Foundation helps your family find the school where your child will enjoy and excel.

We Know Schools

Every year we visit 200 to 300 schools worldwide to discuss with admission directors about their schools’ development and international recruitment. These relationships have given us key insights into industry trends and needs that keep our Foundation curriculum preeminent.

Asian Heart

Our Foundation families span over 61 cities in 15 countries across Asia. Whether you’re an expat or a local, international or public school, we know how to serve your family. With us, your child’s future is in good hands.

Honor Code

At Foundation, we stress authenticity and integrity throughout the application process. We teach your child the techniques to explore his past, identify his strengths, and present them in the best possible light, while staying genuine and true.

Complete Solution

Foundation looks at education with a multi-year approach. The process begins with an assessment of your child at an early age and finishes when he is admitted into the university of his choice. We are there with your family every step of the way.

Our Process

  • Profile Analysis
  • Student Positioning
  • Portfolio Building
  • School Selection
  • Interview Training
  • Essay Training
  • Candidate Advocacy

Foundation In Numbers

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