S. Xue (Student, Boarding School Applicant), Shanghai, China

Enrolled School (Entry Year & Grade):
Mercersburg Academy, US (2016 Fall G9 entry)

The journey of the school interview across 6 States in the warm winter is the most memorable memory for me in the past year during the application process. And I found planning of the application with Foundation is most helpful. As for the most difficult part of application, I have to say preparing for the TOEFL and SSAT test when we have a very demanding school course load and I couldn't give up. There are no shortcuts but to keep doing.

After the application process, I feel like I build up more confidence on challenging myself, and I know myself better. I think now I can cope with more works in such a pressure after this experience.

If you ask me to describe my relationship with the head coach(responsible teacher), I will say it's very good. They helped me in a variety of ways in terms of English oral communication as well as interview skills.

One advice I'd like to give to other students who are applying to high schools just like what I did last year, was always to be better yourself.

Parents’ testimonial:

We appreciated mostly that the communication between us go very sincerely and smoothly, which is the key part of the mutual trust and the success of the application. Our relationship with the head coach is good. We communicated not quite often by means of E-mail. But we kept in touch with all the advisors everyday by wechat or E-mail. If asked, we will definitely tell other that Foudnation is professional and reliable education consulting company with such an established reputation. Foundation helped us make an adequate planning of the application.

During school selection, we got to know about the most of schools by surfing on their web site and made a plan to visit all the first tier schools we selected by ourselves in the summer one year prior to the enrollment season our daughter to be start to have more insight look of the different schools. The process of confirming the school list is a combination of endeavor and compromise. Our priority of selecting schools is in terms of the location and comprehensive school ranking were reviewed by some other organizations. Foundation suggested us to visit the schools as much as possible before you made a final decision. Seeing is believing.
We realized that "less is more", and we need to spend more time with the consultant specialist to review the advantages and disadvantages of all the schools and ask why questions as much as possible. We came up with a very good school list after both of us reviewed and amended.

As for their training services, we decided to apply for Grade 9 in the private boarding school in the U.S 20 months before the March.15th this year. The dramatic changes of our daughter we admire is the persistent efforts she made and her dedication to be better herself.