Ms. Zhang (Parent of Boarding School Applicant), Shenzhen, China

Enrolled School (Entry Year & Grade):
North Country School, US (2013 Fall G9 entry)
Blair Academy, US (2014 Fall G9 entry)

"Throughout the process of boarding school application, our counselor at Foundation was very professional, and one part we are most satisfied with was the communication between us. Foundation was very sincere and there was complete transparency in information between the school, our counselor and us.

One big challenge for Chinese families in boarding school application is that we are not familiar with American boarding schools and the overall environment. Therefore, it is of grave importance that the communication between the education consultancy and the school is accurate and transparent. This can not only represent Foundation's integrity and profession, but more importantly, truly help our child to find the best fit school.

We agree with the concept of "matching" a child to the best fit school, and we are very thankful to the help and recommendations Foundation has provided. They came up with a good school selection list after thorough consideration, and we are very interested in quite a few of the schools. Moreover, our counselor was able to provide a lot of soft information through their personal experiences or campus visits done by other counselors. This is extremely helpful to us in confirming our thoughts and answering our questions.

Our child has grown a lot in terms of his overal understanding of American boarding schools and what the schools are looking for. They are looking for well-rounded players, who is not only academically strong, but also has his own personality and extra curricular hobbies and strengths. American boarding schools are also looking at students' sense of responsibility to our society."