Mrs. Li (Parent of Boarding School and University Applicant), Shanghai, China

Enrolled School (Entry Year & Grade):
Dana Hall School, US (2013 Fall G9 entry)

Enrolled University (Entry Year & Major):
University of Pennsylvania, US (2017 Fall entry ED, Digital Media Design Program)

"Throughout the application process, Foundation’s essay coaching for Effie and the school selection we did together are the parts we appreciated the most. Our essay writing coach knows how to inspire Effie, and let her think independently to dig out her biggest potential through discussions and brainstorm. We know there are hundreds of boarding schools in the US, and every one of them is different. Foundation is able to select the schools most suited Effie’s interests, strengths, and personality, which is highly responsible for a child’s future.

I feel like Effie has changed a lot after this application process. First of all, Effie has become more outgoing and confident. Our coach knows when and how to ask the inspiring questions like “why” “what experience did you get” and “what do we do in the future”. Those trainings help Effie to learn from her own strengths and weakness, and know how to take advantage of them. The positive reinforcement has led Effie to be more brave and like to challenge herself. Also, Effie looks more self-confident now because she knows how to learn from each lesson and do better next time. Secondly, Effie has grown more mature. She is able to handle the email communication with admission officers at different schools thanks to the help and coaching from Foundation. She did not even know where to start at the beginning when receiving an email from an admission officer, but now, she can do it with good manners. Thirdly, Effie has made great progress in both essay writing and communication skills."