Mr. Lau (Parent of International School Applicant), Hong Kong

"I know from friends that getting into an international school in Hong Kong is a difficult process. I didn’t feel comfortable in helping my daughter file the best admissions application so I chose to find a consultancy service to provide guidance. I understand that these days getting into a good school is not just about grades, and I was surprised at first that there are services that put great effort in training my daughters’ communications skills. This is what attracted me to Foundation out of all the services in Hong Kong.

I was very touched by how committed everyone at Foundation was. Not only did they think about meeting the basic requirements, they also planned ahead and suggested a detailed development plan for her to become a more mature and proactive individual. I want to thank the interview training tutor in particular for his hard work. My daughter went to a local school and she didn’t have very strong English. The tutor was engaging and my daughter would talk to me in English from time to time at home nowadays.

We continue to be in contact with our Foundation counselor, who calls us to check on my daughter’s progress every now and then. It is great to know that Foundation really are here for us to think about everything to help our daughter’s future. My sister is also thinking about using such a service for her son and my experience is really attracting her to use Foundation as well."