Ms. Yamao (Parent, Boarding School Applicant), Hong Kong

Enrolled School (Entry Year & Grade):
Port Regis School, UK (2012 Fall Year 7 entry)
Eaglebrook School, US (2015 Fall Grade 8 entry)
Peddie School, US (2017 Fall Grade 10 entry)

"The campus visits were great. It’s worth going on campus visits with Foundation. They helped a lot in regards to helping manage everyone’s expectations and supported us with answering all our questions when we arrived at each school. Since we didn’t know much about the place we visited, we felt more comfortable accompanied by someone who had been before and knew what to expect. As a family we decided early on to do campus visits, otherwise we would not have been able to decide which school to choose. Paper information and actual experience are quite different. We definitely recommend seeing the schools for yourself."