Ms. Liang (Parent of Boarding School Applicant), US

"Choosing the right consulting firm is not easy for any family. I still remember how I bumped into Rae last spring at a seminar. She made time to meet with our family the same evening. Rae has addressed our concerns not only at the beginning, but also during the whole journey. Her advices have always put us at ease.

After careful comparison and consideration, we decided to go ahead with Foundation, which one year later, delivered everything they they had promised, in the most professional way..

The team consisting of experts in all areas related to boarding school application acted right away with applicant strength analysis, interview preparation and planning of campus visits in the summer. The earlier the stage, the more clueless we were, but Foundation has helped our kid to clearly understand and present his uniqueness, which is the foundation for upcoming interviews and essay preparation. Foundation also helped me to know more about every step of the process.

Time flew by really quickly, and Foundation has been holding our hands with schools selection, Vericant preparation, SSAT score evaluation, continued interview preparation, school research and campus visit planning, as well as essay preparation. Along this journey, Phan, the Head Coach, poured his heart and wisdom into every lesson he taught, and every essay he inspired my child to write. Most importantly, my child benefited tremendously from Phan’s encouragement and care. My child told me so many times that he looked forward to going to the classes, albeit the location being more than one hour away from our home.

Our head consultant, Zion, has given us tremendous help every step of the way, especially considering how busy he is. Zion also has a great instinct and a talent to manage complicated situations. Priscilla has also greatly helped us as a consultant. She is so sharp, efficient, organized, diligent, and witted. I truly don’t know how we could get through every step of the process without them.

Finally, we are very grateful for everything Daniel has done for our child. I really don’t know how he has managed to make dream come true for so many families! We simply admire his top notch professionalism and the cordial style of “Uncle Daniel”!

March 10th would not have been the same without Foundation."