Mrs. Chen (Parent of Boarding School Applicant), Guangzhou, China

Enrolled School (Entry Year & Grade):
Westtown School, US (2015 Fall G9 entry)

During last summer vacation, Andy decided to attend high school overseas. He didn’t have any particular preparation for his standardized tests (TOEFL and SSAT), oral English or comprehensive English skills. Andy’s fundamental English was not very outstanding because he attended a public school in Guangzhou.
We were in a hurry as we only had about six months – from last August to this January – to boost his scores in TOEFL and SSAT, enhance his English speaking and writing ability, choose boarding schools, and prepare for Vericant and final interviews. We’ve been through various difficulties, challenges and gladness throughout the journey.
Fortunately, Andy got into his ideal Westtown School thanks to the responsible and professional help, guidance and encouragement from counselors at Founation. From training his oral English and English writing to the preparation of Vericant and interviews with schools, the professional know-how and strong responsibility of counselors at Foundation earned my trust. We felt that it is not only about our own effort but also the endeavor of everybody involved in the process. Catherine, Andy’s teacher and friend, showed her solicitude for him. She often communicates with us to discuss and solve problems after work or even on weekends. We were deeply touched.
We would like to take this occasion to express our gratefulness to Foundation’s counselors and wish them the best of health and success.