J. Tang (Student, University Applicant), Shanghai, China

Enrolled University (Entry Year & Major):
Boston University, US (2016 Fall entry)

"During the process, I do think the weekly conversations with counselors and teachers were really helpful. The conversations did not only improve my writing skills, made myself a better in presenting myself, and I gained so much confidence. It was a great pleasure to have someone like the counselors to lead me through the whole season.

They really helped me a lot with all kind of problems and questions I had. My biggest issue while applying to college was that my testing score was not high enough. They spent lots of time with me before my SAT test going over questions that I usually make mistakes on and was confused about in the reading sections. They also taught me lots of techniques on how to deal with questions that I was not sure about the answers. Even after I was accepted to BU, the team kept in touch with me to give me suggestions on how to select courses and how to make the most my college life."