A. Chen (Student, Boarding School Applicant), Guangzhou, China

Enrolled School (Entry Year & Grade):
Westtown School, US (2015 Fall G9 entry)

"I was admitted to Westtown School this year. Though it might not be particularly excellent for others, it is my favorite choice and the school that suits me the best. Under the condition of having lower standardized test sores, my interview performance significantly contributed to the admission.
Catherine, my counselor at Foundation, is a careful, patient, responsible and caring person. She was meticulous during the application process, informing me about document requirements of application and emails from schools immediately – it is difficult to use Gmail in China. In order to give me more time for test preparations, she tried her best to complete basic procedures and submit additional information for me. My father, a perfectionist who seldom praises anyone, often speaks highly of Catherine. During the interview with schools, Catherine, Zion and Chris helped my parents show their appreciation to the school. It was very important.
In terms of the interview, I think it’s good to be down-to-earth. Prior to the interview, Catherine practiced it with me several times and read through the school’s information. Try to be natural and confident when talking with the interviewer. Even though I don’t have outstanding standardized test scores to be proud of, I tried my best to show the interviewer my character and excellence. The little trick is to show your appreciation to the school based on facts, including its surroundings, students’ mannerism and demeanor, the school’s philosophy and features. You must show your enthusiasm to the school. In other words, you need to treat every school as the Top 1 you want to get in, no matter how good the school is. In fact, the interviewer is good at telling whether a student is truly interested in the school. So it’s important to put that in mind."